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Lord of the rings online

The festival was finally attended and some feedback was heared too. But first, the festival. Trickery quests I did in this order: Hobbiton – Duillond – Thorins Hall – Bree. They do differ: easiest way to find is maybe in Thorins Hall, then – Hobbiton and Bree. Duillond may be a bit complicated due to high structures and such things like “Townsperson at the most eastern platform”. Impressions: very good, realistic quests, doable.

Then, did some mini games: geode-picking in Thorins Hall, apple picking near Party tree, pumpkins at Festival grounds near Bree abd one time – scroll picking in Duillond. Sometimes these chests are hard to find, but there always is vendor near them. Mini games offers 1 chest opening in 1 hour. You open, game gives you random item which you can exchange. Impressions: nice add-on to earn tokens, but not the main.

I ran Festival quests as NaktiesKarys and Vytautaz. Will need 188 tokens (2 mounts, each 60 tokens, one mount cosmetic for 20 tokens + 4 maps, each 12 tokens).I guess 7 days of work will be enough.

NaktiesKarys (for reasons he could explain to me, but he didn’t) went to Annuminas and continued to farm locals for Rings of Numenor and Black Badges. Now, I have enough of these to grow 2 alts from neutral to Kindred. Maybe it is high time to go to other regions like Moria or Angmar, grind all available reputation items there. Drops in Annuminas varied: sometimes I got more black badges, sometimes – Bounders tokens. Result:my Mule toon’s vault is flooded with reputation items (example:566 Black badges…).

And so the day has ended. NaktiesKarys had 24 tokens, Vytautaz – 12, but spent them on Rivendell map, so has 0. So, Vytautaz has some 3 days of work and NaktiesKarys – about week. Overall, day was very good in Lotro.