Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was inactive. Almost nothing to do for him.

Vytautaz continued adventures in Evendim. Salamander and Limfavrn slaughter went on, I killed any of these creatures and soon some slayer deeds were completed. Then, the time has come for Kergrim, infesting one of the tombs in Annuminas. Went there, killed and once again deed was completed – this time advanced. I was lucky to be invited in a group with one lvl.85 Player – slaughter went a way faster.

Then, did some travel quests, killed Rotten Rot with one NPC tree and tried to use my attacks as many times as possible: if I use them enough times, I’ll earn so desired Turbine points.

Drops were…kind of interesting. Artisan Weaponsmith recipes almost do not drop: by killing several hundreds of enemies (240 Kergrims, tens of Limfavrns and Salamanders) I got only 4 recipes. Too little, have to admit. However, Kergrim slaying is by far the best thing to do: drops are almost homogenous (same “skin” and very rare random stuff). Bounder tokens drop too rarely, almost impossible to get.

Checked my vault about reputation items. Too little of them: enough to get reputation with 3 factions (Bree, Mathom, Thorins Hall) for one toon and I do need many toons to grind Turbine points. Need Moria’s two factions, need Wardens of Annuminas, maybe Elves of Rivendell and xenophobic Lossoth of Forochel. Much work to do, much enemies to slaughter and vault to be flooded with reputation items.

Today, festival begins. Only God and developers know if it would be more realistic than previous (which proved to be disaster and complete failure). Of course, I won’t be there on a first day when half of server will be. Will wait for tomorrow.

And so the day has ended, I had some 489 Turbine points and left satisfied. The day has been good in Lotro.