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Have not played -but a major update was announced. Little of this update concerns me, but anyway it’s good to see game is still updating.

Lord of the rings online

It was a great crazy weekend in the Lotro. NaktiesKarys has finally reached Kindred with Sutcrofts, rebuild last required buildings…and was standing with some 220 Tokens of Hytbold.

And then the rebuild started. I took every building in Sutcrofts district and rebuilt it, from lame tent to big shiny Tower. Finished one deeds, received new ones. I was very satisfied and impressed with the rebuild. Town was changing before my eyes: houses appeared, inhabitants arrived, there were plants growing and new shiny structures. It was inviting, I realized I do want to rebuilt every single structure there. Turbine made Hytbold an exemplary feature: you could change the world and oversee the changes. I wish they would allow to rebuild, say, Archet: make it end-game content, but please allow burned town to live again. In the end, I had zero Tokens of Hytbold: spent them all…and still lack hundreds.

Vytautaz raided Evendim. Tried to do Monuments of Angmar, but failed each time:even with Orchaiwe I cannot fight 3 enemies at once. First my companion, the me getting killed. Once our kinship Burglar helped me…only to make me sad. Burglar insta-killed every monster, alone fighting with 3-4 enemies. Where I would be killed, he wasn’t seriously injured.My Champion looked so lame and worthless with him. I asked kinship, they pointed out I had not purchased trait slots which makes me weak. Also, my Weaponsmith lacked many recipes. But that does not help: recipes are drop only, so I would have to kill gazillions of monsters and trait slots will be of no use from November 19. Later, I started to kill Kergrim, finished Goblin slayer deeds and went very close to killing Gerthberyg in Annuminas, genocided Salamanders and some of Limfavrn.

Had to log in NaktiesKarys while grinding – to discuss legendary weapons, sent some ingots…and one time to raid Carn Dum. We organized a good raid, I was quite happy there, earned some Turbine points once again and looted many sellable stuff. Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with my Champion once more – other players just insta-killed any monster…I was not capable of seriously harming it. What’s wrong with my Champion and this classs at all?

Other events; had a Kin meeting where we discussed some things. Also,another Festival is soon: tomorrow there would be no sense to participate, but starting October 23 – it may be possible. Let us see if number of doable quests is higher than 2 or 3…

And so the day has ended. I had 459 Turbine points, zero Tokens of Hytbold. Days were good in Lotro.