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Lord of the rings online

Day started in Hytbold, one last ride to Harwick, took 3 quests…and voila, Kindred reputation with the Men of Wold! Then – to Snowbourne, did 2 quests there.

A new festival is announced, starting October 22 ending November 04. Let us hope it won’t be mindless like previous one. Player in Lotro forums calculated chance to win one quest – they were around 0,05%. Also, I hope they would avoid jungle law like “egg hunt” was. All Turbine needs to do is to listen to players.

My reputation was:

  • Men of Suftcroft: Ally–>Kindred (25.300 / 30.000)

So – only 4 quests (4800 exp.points) and I am kindred, may rebuild some structures…and have last 2 pieces of Hytbold armor.

After that, I would be free to do Fanghorn quests, do all spider slayer deeds (+10 TPs) and maybe, out of boredom, kill Uruks near Great Wall (+5 TP too). However, I am running very low on Turbine points. Some days give me just zero TPs.

And so the day has ended. I had 389 Turbine points, 260 Hytbold tokens (enough, I guess, to rebuild all of the town). Day was good in Lotro.