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Lord of the rings online

Day started with daily quests in Hytbold. 3 quests in Harwick (since all “Rohirrim children” are nearly undoable), 2 – in Snowbourne.  In Snowbourne, I have finished every type of quest they offer and got +25 Hytbold tokens for such good deed (a pity, no TPs).

Asked in Lotro forums about regions: which is the best in terms of TP refund. First place – my beloved Evendim, then not-so-loved grumpy Angmar and Moria. Mirkwood is somewhere near the end (10% return value), probably would have to stick with Great River (some 20% return value). One day I would have to purchase remaining quest packs: North Downs, Trollshaws, Mirkwood.

My reputation was:

  • Men of the Wold: Ally–>Kindred (27.300 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts:Ally–>Kindred (23.400 / 30.000)

Which means that if today I do 3 quests in Harwick – I am finally Kindred. Then, only 6 quests in Snowbourne and I could purchase all the Hytbold Storm armour.

And so the day has ended (real life interfers heavily, too little time to play), I had earned 0 Turbine points, had 270 Hytbold tokens (so I could rebuild all the town right now). Day was…kind of good in Lotro.