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Lord of the rings online

This blog has just celebrated one year online! Yay!

Had literally 2 hours to play: took Hytbold dailies. Rode to Snowbourne, took entire 4 quests, did them all – including “fish and kill The Creature”…and only then noticed I forgot to ride to Harwick. Reputation with Suftcroft increased greatly, but it was not what I wanted.

Rode to Harwick, took remaining one quest and it was finished. Turned in trophies…and had nothing to do.

My reputation:

  • Men of Wold:Ally–>Kindred (23.700 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts: Ally–>Kindred (21.000 / 30.000)

Thus, 4 quests in Harwick, some 8 quests in Snownbourn and I am done with Hytbold rebuild.

And thus the day has ended, I had earned 0 Turbine points, had 220 Hytbold tokens. Day was short, but kind of good in Lotro.