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Lord of the rings online

The day was spent in Rohan. First – daily quests (Harwick, then Snowbourn) and then…well, then just random hunt of Hald-orcs and beasts.

My reputation was:

  • Men of the Wold: Ally–>Kindred (22.500 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts:Ally–>Kindred (16.200 / 30.000)

So – I am getting close to Kindred and valuable +20 Turbine points for each faction. However, TP grind is going very slow. Most deeds are finished and remaining (mostly – “advanced”) ones give only +5 TPs. I have some unfinished Moria deeds, but that’s the only reserve I have.

Calculated purchase/outcome things about other regions: Great River, Wildermore, Mirkwood. Any of them cost ~800 TPs and give in return only some 150 TPs. Well, that’s kind of…waste of TPs. It looks like lower level regions (Evendim etc) gives way much more TPs.

Finally, got a new quality bow, designed for lvl.85 – all thanks to one very kind kinnie. Now, my toon is stronger and would be better in combat.

And so the day has ended, I had earned 0 Turbine points, had 195 Hytbold tokens and am getting closer to the Kindred with 2 factions. Life was good in Lotro.