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Lord of the rings online

Weekend with Lotro, full of adventures. In Rohan, did daily quests, advancing with reputation with Men of the Wold and Men of Suftcrofts. Hunted some monster while travelling between cities. Then, started to do slayer deeds. Salamander slayer, Brigand slayer (simple and Advanced). Started East Wall region, finished its exploration & quest deeds and slaughtered Uruks there.

While not grinding for TPs – helped kinnies. They need to advance, were offering instances and I helped a few times. Sambrog (Great Barrow) – one time lvl.40, two times – lvl.50. Only one time kinnie I was teaming with died (lvl.40), otherwise we were quick and victorious…even when Sambrog cheated summoning fell spirits to heal him. One time did Tuckoborough instance – seemed a bit easier for me. I was satisfied with this.

Everyone is talking about Helm’s Deep. My concern is with “new crafting tier” – so, new metals will be introduced. I must prepare for either harvesting with armed escort, or levelling up quickly – to lvl.95. However, this means new reputation with the Weaponsmith guild and maybe new, better weapons. Current system does not allow crafter to produce quality weapons. As a Champion, I found lack of any quality weapon for lvl.85.

My reputation was:

  • Men of the Wold: Ally–>Kindred (18.900 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts:Ally–>Kindred (13.800 / 30.000)

And the weekend came to the end, I had some Rohan deeds completed (slayer deeds are coming to an end), I had 369 Turbine points and 170 Hytbold tokens. Life was very good in Lotro.