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Lord of the rings online

Day has started with standard Rohan run, completely avoiding Harwick’s “play with Rohirrim children” quests. Three quests done, riding to another town, killing salamanders, gathering fungus, Hytbold dailies complete.

Time for Isengard, kicking almost anything around, from Goblin Engineer to Saruman’s apprentice (why did evil Mage gave such costumes with weird helmets to apprentices?), gathering not so valuable tier 4 gems/runes as rewards. 2 quests in Galtrev: one involving slaughter of Saruman’s hordes and one…fishing in the lake for long lost  relics. The last was taken by accident, since it gives reputation with the men of Dunland and I am already Kindred with them. Quest was interesting, but at lvl.75 it may be very hard.

Crafting: my hurry is my fault. One day crafted weapon, did everything ok…it turned out I missed school, player received weapon not for his class. Had to remake, sacrifising my own valuable Tarn symbol. Re-checked weapon several time and finally it was done. Then, another kinnie asked for Halberd, this weapon is made by weaponsmiths too. However, kinnie did not have one relic, I had only one…so he agreed on second age simple weapon. It was first time that bartered Tarnished symbols of Celebrimbor were of some use. Weapon was made and sent. I was satisfied with the crafting: it is the way our Kinship functions.

In Lothlorien finished last deed – Beast slayer (advanced), killing 294 unprotected animals. Hurray, another TPs earned…though I am running low on TPs, I am completing all deeds and one day I will have no way to grind.

My reputation with the factions:

  • Men of the Wold: Ally–>Kindred (8100 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts: Ally–>Kindred (1800 / 30.000)
  • Men of Entwash Vale: Friend–>Ally (19.100 / 25.000)
  • Men of Norcrofts: Friend–>Ally (23.800 / 25.000)
  • Riders of Theodred: Ally–>Kindred (26.300 / 30.000)

And so the day has ended, I had some 314 TPs and 80 Hytbold tokens. Day has been just excellent in Lotro.