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Since Lotro was on extended maintenance (some 7 hours), logged in Istaria. Chats were empty (only Trade chat had 3 players). My level 15 Spiritist was running forwards and backwards knowing not what to do. I had 2 quests only and if I wanted to progress I should have changed to good old Cleric and grind for hundreds of tokens. I did not want to.  Took my time to visit Bristugo – one plot was still empty, another was still inactive, yet one plot was alive again. Entered one player’s house – it looked empty, nothing inside (but hey, houses are used as storage there). Logged off, feeling emptyness: I had almost nothing to do in Istaria. Imagine Lotro where at certain level you have no quests, only trophies…

Lord of the rings online

Played at morning, did all dailies. One quest I did not understand, it was to go to Easterling, place flag and wait for archers to kill target. I placed, sometimes it did not work, sometimes I could not place…but somehow it was completed. Then I recalled to Isengard to do 4 daily quests (kill Saruman’s apprentices, bring evil devices, kill overseers, kill Goblin engineers). 3 quests out of 4 managed to complete before maintenance. Hytbold dailies were completed, I advanced reputation with Men of Wold, though a lot of work remains to be done.

Our Kinship organizes yet another in-kinship event: to gather materials for crafters. It’s very simple: collect and donate. Since I had some Skarn ore, sent almost all I had on my mule character. It’s very good to help others.

And then was a great silence, tried to play Istaria, but had just to wait. And yes, Twitter confirms Lotro is alive. Logged in, killed Gobling engineers, continued to slaughter Uruks, completing Uruk slayer deed and one hidden deed.

Travelled to Rohan, killing wargs. It was spectacular – sometimes I against 6 wargs and still victoriuos. This way I managed to finish advanced warg killing deed.

And then, kinnie asked if anyone could craft Guardian’s great two-handed sword. I thought I did not have this recipe, teleported home, to Thorins Hall…but it became clear the recipe was known to me. Made it, gave one…kind of funny…name and rode to Michel Delving.

Used all my tokens to purchase 3 symbols of Celebrimbor and some 6 craft experience boosts + 1 relic pack. All tokens were spent, I can’t see any sense in collecting them.

And so the day has ended. I had 289 Turbine points, 55 Hytbold tokens. Things are just good in Lotro.