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Lord of the rings online

In real life – some virus that made me stay home, do not go to walk and keep windows closed. On the other hand – lots of Lotro playing.

And playing went in circles. First  – Hytbold dailies starting at 10:00 Lithuanian time, first ride to Harwick, then do all doable quests, and then ride to any nearby town. After this – teleporting to Galtrev, riding to Saruman’s fortress and doing repeatable quests to gain Kindred with Theoderic Riders. Poor Saruman, do you think you are safe when Middle Earth heroes slaughter your minions and even your two overgrown Troll guards?

One player helped me a lot. it was lvl.75 Hobbit who quested in Bonevales. Asked him to try to share quests. First tries were not succesfull…and then voila – lost quest line, I have easily made it and completed a deed. Also, hunted in Dunland together with another lvl.85 player. I needed orc slayer, he needed it too. It was very good cooperation.

Today I have obtained 2 pieces from Hytbold Storm armour: breastplate and shoulderguards. Still have to work with reputation and it really goes very slow:

  • Men of WOld: Ally–>Kindred (4500/30.000)
  • Men of SUftcroft: Ally–>Kindred (1800/30.000)
  • Men of Entwash Vale: Friend–>Ally (19.100/25.000)
  • Men of Norcrofts: Friend–>Ally (19.000/25.000)

And the funny thing is, I need to finish all this: become Kindred with Wold and Sutcroft and Ally to Vale and Norcrofts. However, daily quests do contribute to the deeds, especially “dragon-kind slayer” one.

Today it would be extended maintenance (>7 hours), so – too little play.

And so weekend has ended. I had 259 Turbine points, some amount of Bounder tokens. Days has been very good in Lotro, even grind does not seem so senseless (jus a bit slow).