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Lord of the rings online

Day has started in Snowbourne – then a ride to Hytbold, donated tokens for Armoury. One more upgrade, and one Rohan Storm armour piece would be available. The tiny problem is, I need Ally with one faction, faction located in Harwick and Harwick is far, far away from Hytbold. One player suggested buying “return to…” additional skill and make some use of it. Nice idea, but it won’t pay off, unless it’s for account.

Done some quests in Snowbourne and one other town. One quest involved “walk with arrows and avoid crebains” – dismissed as practically impossible. Another sound easier: go and take some frogs. “Take” –> kill, I thought killing frogs is no problem. i have killed trees, crebain, bears, wolves, slimes, trolls, spiders and alike. Yet things were a little harder. Area was full of tree trolls, these resided in narrow tunnels. If you want to go, you neet to kill 3-5 trolls, then run after frog, run into another stack of trolls…and understand you can’t catch lame frog, it disappeared.

This quest is just impossible to finish (well, it would be possible only after someone reaches level 95 and trolls won’t attack…). Had to cancell it, maybe one day, with group of DPS players I will return there so that trolls are not problem.

Daily quests ended, had 35 Hytbold tokens and nowhere to spent them. Next days have to work with Men of Wold faction. I did some quests near Thornhope, they lead to the forest, forest had its own quests…and there I stopped. These were not offering any reputation, so they may and will wait.

Our Kinship is preparing for great race, checking prizes – we have almost everything, from tiny to big presents so that everyone will be rewarded. Kinship is doing great, right everyone discusses what he/she could contribute.

And so the day had ended, I had some 169 Turbine points, 35 Hytbold tokens and unidentified number of useless “Bounder tokens”. Day was kind of good in Lotro.