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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys finally got to Hytbold, took all the quests of rebuilding it…and got confused. Hytbold was empty, no one was offering any token-giving quest. Tried to ask,answers were confusing, thought about logging off…when one player told to re-read “Aiding the Eastemnet” quest text. I had to ride to nearby towns, take quests there and et tokens. One town – 4 quests and I have to do 5 of them. Those I received were not problematic:ride and kill mounted enemies, slay standard enemies, free Rohirrim from webs  etc.

However, I understood I missed entire Thornhope quest line. One day I had to visit local mayor, but I thought this can wait. Well, now I got mayor, lots of quests about destroyed town: look for survivors, then for thei belongings, kill named Orcs/Uruks. Everything rewarded with valuable item and war steed xp plus reputation with one faction. I have left some quests for the future – if I finish daily quests, will do those.

Hytbold is a…complicated matter. Town is almost burned, it needs to be rebuild, each repair action costs tokens (and you get 25 tokens a day). At some level of repairs you get access to some Armour set piece and have to choose carefully what armour do you want – according to this plan your own repairs. My armour set (Hytbold storm) costs some 250 tokens + price of rebuild (sometimes – very high investment). But I do hope this investment will pay off, it’s – by far – endgame gear, so it should work.

Then kinnies invited for Erebor instance…and there I just felt in wrong shoes. We had guardians, we had captains, wardens, minstrels…and no champions. My own role was something unclear: strike 1 of two overgrown monsters from behind and avoid catapults. Two times we were wiped out, I tried to do all I could to stay alive, but in vain. My hits were too small, from some 150 to about 300 and I felt sad about this. My Champion was good for nothing. Second instance was – to run from one valve to another, closing each and occasionally – attacking enemies. Of course, kinnies wanted good for me, but in these instances I felt just wrong. They could freely win without me, I could not tank, I could not DPS, I could not heal, buff/debuff.  However, it was interesting and I fought as well as I could.

The day has ended, I had some 144 Turbine points and left quite satisfied. Day has been good in Lotro.