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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys travelled home, to cozy halls of Thorins Hall, to look for Legendary weapons recipes. As I am level 85 (officially – tank), I  need to have quality equipment. First – weapon, my trustfull Axe. Then – saddle my Warsteed and ride at top speed to Michel Delving. I hoped to exchange my Bounder tokens to bounders jewellery, “Stout bounder” line (each giving +119 might etc).

Alas, jewellery was “Unique”, so I could wear only 1 piece of each. Felt very dissatisfied. I thought I would be able to purchase as much as I want, thought these were “bound at acquire”…I was wrong. Bounders were greedy leaving me half-equipped. Now I do have some 3000 bounder tokens and knowing not what to do with them. Purchase 3 symbols of Celebrimbor?

Had to purchase Tarnished symbol of Elder kings for 500 gold – thus, am with 40 gold right now, once again I have to start gold grinding anew. At the other hand – have new quality weapon, used all runes to quickly achieve experience. Have new quality jewellery.

And just when I used my last map to Moria…kinnie asked for help. I was on my way to Rohan – but found myself wanting to say: it is a duty of tank to help others (non-tanks, obviously). I was summoned, swept through opposition and helped my lvl.69 kinnie to finish the quest.

Then – Rohan, Snowbourne where dark events were going on. Armies of Mordor besieging town, very little citizens letf to guard, food lacking and every citizen needed as militia. Had to be involved into plots, fight with powerfull monsters and protect town leader from powerfull Mordor fighter (some 180.000 hp…). One or two times was defeated, but at the end I was victorious…and a bit lost.

My quests in Sutcrofts were complete as far as I knew. Yet I had not achieved Kindred with local men and have no ideas about how to do this since quests are no more. Travel further?

And so the day has ended, can’t remember TPs number (shop not working for me) and Bounder tokens number is irrelevant. Day has been very good in Lotro.