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Lord of the rings online

…and yesterday it was a one big final ding. Magical, long-awaited level 85. I could officially be called a tank (well, not by combat role, just by level). Have to do remaining Rohan quests…and start legendary Hytbold dailies.

A strange feeling. I am strong, but still with too different equipment. Crafted a lvl.85 Legendary axe for myself, maxed it to level 60. Armour is still…a collection from various sources. Jewellery is a big problematic, I can’t get really usefull stuff.

However, Kinship congratulated on this, I was more than happy. Was invited to Erebor instance, accepted it. First try was a failure: my mission was to run from point A to point B and use one item. I turned somewhere…and oops, am dead, my kinnies fighting some evil fire monster. Retreated, only to find in area with closed doors. Got some serious talk with raid leader (“in raid no one quits!”), auto-accepted next invite where we had to face 2 overgrown monsters, some 830.000 hp each. My role, once again, was mere support: stand in monster’s back and hit it. I did what I could, but at some point we made a mistake, all raid was wiped. Restarted and everything went just excellent. Then we made next step, some instance where we faced lots of enemy archers. Once again, my mission was to hit archers from the back. At least it was some good fight, my chance to use all available AoE attacks and hit several enemies at one time. Finally, it was almost midnight and I asked for permission to leave.

Rohan quests were done just little, one Orc-slayer quest autocompleted. The only negative thing I am noticing is that Rohan gives too little Turbine points. However, I am experiencing fun there, so TPs are not a very big problem. Maybe they will pay off one day.

And so the day has ended, I don’t remember how many TPs and Bounder tokens I had. Day was good in Lotro.