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Lord of the rings online

Spent all my time in the green plains of Rohan, questing, enjoying things.

Rohan is very interesting region. Some Rohirrim are suspicious, one of them even banished me from his town and I had a long line of quests to prove I am worthy. At the end there was a feast and local chief (“Reeve” as they are called) apologised and raised a toast to my honour. Some quests were very intriguing: one person was killed and there are 3 NPCs that could have done this, it’s up to me to decide and the choice was difficult. Every NPC had its own pro et contra. Another quest was about couple – they wanted to be married, father was against, so they are asking me to lie to father. Once again, choice. It was hard to decide, but I choice to lie – for this couple’s own good, maybe they would tell the truth later.

First meeting with aging, incapable of effective rule king of Rohan. He has banned hunts on Orcs, but local ruler wants to decide: create defenses or strike first? Best defense is attack, I chose to disobey King’s orders and we stroke Orcs…alas, the leader was killed and did not see the dawn of our victory. Then – meeting with Grima Warmtongue. Oh my, I really wished to strike him down, warm my axe in this creature’s blood and scream aloud about victory. Turbine, please, introduce this one day, please…

And the agents of Evil are everywhere. Someone poisoned food, trying to frame one loyal Guard. One NPC’s own mother allied with Sauron (she was imprisoned, luckily). No land is safe – lots of Orcs there, lots of mounted enemies and lots of fight. Rohan is not a territory one could relax and ride freely.

Quests were going just good. Increase morale of citizens, make weapons for guards and finally bring some mead for guards, impress local hunter of Orcs with beheading of the same Orcs, destroy Orcish banners and totems, investigate mysterious caves and confront powerfull enemies from the Shadow world – all this is promising.

I have even forgotten Turbine points grind. Yes, some deeds auto-complete, like “kill 120 enemies” or exploration deeds, some are yet to be completed, but I do not complain. I am having fun, I am interested in Rohan…and TPs may wait.

Even mounted combat is good, it lets me to survive longer, engaging in safe ranged attacks. also, I upgraded my steed: it is on pure red line, probably meaning more offense.

And so weekend, full of interesting questing, ended. I had some 114 Turbine points, ~3600 bounder tokens and reached level 84. Endgame is near and there is much, much to do, including epic quests and instances. Day are just superb in Lotro.