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Lord of the rings online

Days were spent in Lotro, initially talking about how beautifull Italy was (and I plan to return there next year)…and then mobilizing all reputation items available.

Our KInship is holding an epic race, all Kinship donating things for prizes and reaching goals immediately. Our organizers have posted about items – and some days after they admit almost all goals are met. We do have a great Kinship.

WoneK, poor Champion girl, was created and deleted many times. She finished intro quests, ran to Bree vault, took all reputation items to reach Kindred, sold everything she had, then bought some coal…and got deleted.

I ran out of reputation items very quickly, at the end had to use low-level ones, like Barrow treasures and Crests of Dourhands. However, it gavee me lots of Turbine points. Top achievement was 300 TPs per day: 2 toons in Bree vault just using stuff.

Yesterday I saw I am running out of every rep. item. Had to hunt with Vytautaz for Wardens of Annuminas items, then – farm Sarnur as NaktiesKarys and finally – as NaktiesKarys farm Bree items. Wardens and Thorins Hall items had a good drop rate, Bounders tokens bags dropping kind of quickly (once again I see mostly +10 and +20 ones). Bree items were a pain: dropped to slow and +700 items even slower. Bright side – invited almost everyone into fellowship and within last fellowship (me and one lvl.85) we ran very very quickly, almost one-shotting monsters. Looks like Turbine lowered Bree and Mathom reputation items drop. A pity.

I am rushing to grind TPs. All I need is some 240 more Turbine points…and then Riders of Rohan expansion for as low as 2495!

And so the days ended, I had 2259 Turbine points and 2965 bounder tokens. Day has been good in Lotro.