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Logged in while Lotro was on maintenance. Did not know what to do, went to New Trismus, met no players there…logged off.

Lord of the rings online

was on maintenance most of the day. I logged in happy mood – vacation in Italy were over, I really enjoyed Florence and Venice, went to the “field of miracles” in Piza and looked at medieval fortress in Naples, visited Pompeii and walked long walks in Rome and Vatican, enjoyed real dynamite called “Espresso”, tasted true original gelati and pizza. Everything was excellent.

In Lotro – my server, Withywindle, finally finished with 1,75 million tokens, I purchase steed and Tarnished symbol of Celebrimbor with ~1000 tokens in reserve.

And in Lotro we have new quest – Frodo’s birthday, so we are expected to come to him, then rush to Hobbiton and listen to stories. And there the problem starts. You just can’t talk to NPCs. You have to talk to one NPC three times. Only then could you start talking to other NPCs. And you can’t talk to all of them in one run: they randomly change each hour. One hour – 4 hobbits and you need 12 hobbit tales.

Sounds pretty easy. But it isn’t. Some NPCs won’t talk for many hours. One player told he was waiting for two days. I waited for a day and then cancelled the quest: this one is just impossible. ALmost everyone complains about it, forums are full of negative comments (only few fanboys enjoy, but that’s why fanboys are fanboys). Two days of pure doing nothing, just standing in front of NPC? No, thanks.

Now my policy is very clear: dismiss any auto-bestowed quest with big ring, especially if it involves Hobbit NPCs (since they are the worst by far). No matter if quest is easy, no matter rewards – I will dismiss these quest. If Turbine can’t make quality quests – they can ask players for free ideas. Lame quests that make players angry are the worst thing for any mmorpg.

Riders of Rohan expansion is now 2495 TP only! Time to start grind.

And so the day has ended, I had 1799 Turbine points, some 1000 bounder tokens. Day was…a bit bad in Lotro.