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Lord of the rings online

Turbine has finally announced pre-purchase of Helms Deep expansion. It comes at basic (40$) and premium (60$) editions, offering bonuses: titles, steeds,, steed cosmetic, Turbine points and +10 quest slots, even 1 crystal of remembrance. New quests, new deeds, new level cap (lvl.95?), classes gain class trees…and much more. I am somehow excited – if they made Helms Deep as good and inviting as Rohan, I am for it. The only concern are trees, if they made it to be rational.

Every class has 3 of them. My champion – “Berserker”, “Deadly storm” (AoE build), Martial Champion (still not sure what – is it a tank? “<…>Enemy attacks give them strenght they gladly use”).

I am not that much “doom-sayer” as some players. Trees themselves won’t ruin anything. Only some players that enjoy making each toon different will suffer. Now, let us just wait, grind Turbine points or real-life currency. I do hope it would be a quality expansion.

Our Kinship is preparing for a huge, cross-server event, gathering lots of helpers and participants, as well as rewards. I am going to contribute with whatever I could with. It is my Kinship and it is my duty to help it. And the event…it would be grand one when it starts.

Meantime NaktiesKarys once again did “festival” quests, earned some tokens, was not able to take any part in egg run (because there is always huge competition). Then, Angmar, farming Council of the North reputation items…and a time for new toon.

WoneJa was born, another girl champion, she did all intro quests and, ignoring starting ones, ran to Bree. Kindred with Bree-people: check. Kindred with Mathom society:check. Kindred with Thorins Hall:check. Kindred with (Council of the North?):check. Wardens of Annuminas:only basic ones. It was a…pleasant standing and using every single reputation item I had. Of course, now I am low on reputation items, except Bree land ones, but I will hunt and gather enough of them.

And so the day has ended. Bounder tokens drop rate was very low, all of them were +5 tokens. At the end of the day I had 1709 TPs (195 earned), 3940 bounder tokens. Now I have some 50% of the Rohan expansion pack price – need to grind for more rep. items and wait for RoR discount. Things were going pretty well in Lotro.