Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did all doable “festival” quests that gives any tokens: accused drunkards, made on trip to resupply market, collected apples, yelled at lazy hobbitses to encourage them to work, fished for selfish hobbit lady.

Then there was a trip to Angmar: finished one deed (just how do they imagine lvl.40s player could pass through Iron crown and Giant guards, each with >20.000 hp?) and then hunted undead for reputation items. Got no so much: +700 rep.items drop very slow. Then went to another area, got a bit reputation items (+700 still drops very rarely) while in group and even some Bounder tokens bags. Each contained only 5 bounder tokens, only some given from quests gave 10 tokens.

There is still almost nothing to do in Lotro, I feel somehow exhausted. Only thing I am capable for is to grind for reputation items and prepare next toon for some 200-250 TPs in one run. One visit – and some 200 TPs are mine. This means time sink, but it is investment into future.

Turbine announces revamps, this time – Captain. Trait trees are confirmed, captains’ impressions are mixed, from praises to bashes. I wait for Champion revamp with but one hope: maybe revamp would make my class usefull. Now it’s spectacular (swing swing with swords), but of little good. It’s just support class, while Guardian or Captain tanks, Loremaster unleashes pets, RuneKeeper calls for magic fire and Minstrell heals – at the same time Champion has little to do, except swing-swing in all directions and trying to stay alive. Champion needs tanking, he needs to be usefull in battle. Maybe Turbine will do it.

And so they day has ended, I had 1514 Turbine points and 3865 bounder tokens. Next week will be off – visiting sunny Italy, hope to drink some real espresso/capucino, eat some original quality pizza – and of course, enjoy heritage that gave almost everything to Europe.