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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys made one run for festival. Accuse drunkards quest, encourage workers to work quest, find some apples quest, catch 5 fish for lazy hobbit quest and one run  to supply the market quest. Yet another time was unsucsesfull with customers of the market, their list is very tricky and all the time I failed their quests. I deem them impossible, at least within 15 minutes: maybe 45 minutes would be the right time. If only Turbine wished to listen – I could make them a list of ideas how to improve festivals, but they just keep silence.

Helped one player to kill 50 orcs near Bree. It’s always good to help others and it was fun for me. As all these worthless orcs were killed, returned to Thorins Hall, sold stuff and farmed Sarnur a bit. All these killings (possibly 100 and more monsters) gave me 1 bag with 5 bounder tokens.

I feel something…strange. Almost everything lost its sense. I could go and farm for low-level reputation items. I could go to Annuminas to farm Angmarim or to Angmar for some other factions. But I have almost no income of Turbine points, except some (kind of not so easy) quests in Dunland. Do need some motivation/inspiration.

Then all the day went in Bree talking with kinnies. Some of our officers are suspending their activities and we had some serious talk.

And so the day has ended without any repotable results.