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Lord of the rings online

WoneJ was deleted some time ago – WoneK was born. She made intro quests, ignoring side ones, saw Archet burned and ran towards Bree. All quests were of no importance – only Bree vault was important.

122 Cordolan trinkets: used, kindred with Bree. 122 well kept Mathoms used, kindred with Mathom; some 100 black badges and some Bands of Numenor used, kindred with Wardens of Annuminas. Finally, some 400 Dourhand crests and >100 first age relics used, kindred with Thorins hall. Also, some other rep.items giving basic reputation with some other factions were used. Tried to calculate Moria items, but these were not enough even for basic reputation. After such heroism (making empty space in vault is a good thing) WoneK logged off and was deleted. Long live WoneL…

NaktiesKarys did almost all doable “festival” quests. Ran to help 2 customers, then rided to Barfumlog and carried some mushrooms, accused drunkards and did pond fishing quest + one basic fishing to catch big fish. This one was succesfull and gave me valubale Legendary item xp. What has fishing to do with Legendary weapon – have no idea about it. Unlike what some other player say – helping customers is not easy one, because when they give quest, sometimes there is no solution, like “give me an apple” and not red nor green is on the list, or – “let us see if there is any quality meat except Bacon” – and won’t agree with bacon and non-bacon. I am close to 120 festival tokens – since farming more than 200 is absolutely impossible – and will buy horse cosmetics. A pity this festival does not let to earn tokens. Had to farm Sarnur for First age relics and some Dourhand crests.

Needless to say, every player clearly states in the forums: fishing quests is impossible. Somebody calculated finishing tier 4 fishing quest has some 0,0005% probability. I think Turbine has to call for real feedback. At least chose some players, some new and some old, some hardcore, some softcore, some very patient, some unpatient – and ask them. Ask Players council at least. The questions may be very simple: a) how to do quests that they would appease everyone? b) how to do quests that they attract more players? c) how to make profit from it? Personally I would be more than happy to think about it and propose things to developers without any compensation: the best compensation would be that they hear me and listen to me. Nobody complains about hard work, sometimes people stand hours in Bywater, waiting for some Hobbit to get drunk or running to catch 5 fish for some selfish Hobbit. However, almostr everyone complains about eggs, mushrooms and fishing. No comments are done about horse racing since it has 50% less time than is needed to finish it.

And so the day has ended, I earned 215 Turbine points in one run, emptying some space in vault and leaving my main toon to farm for more rep.items. At the end of the day I had 1509 TPs and 3665 bounders tokens. If only I could make 5 more runs like that…then Riders of Rohan, my dream-quest pack would be almost mine!