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Lord of the rings online

Only two they are, a Master and Apprentice – told one wise man who never lied (well, rarely told all the truth, but still…). And so each coin always has 2 sides. Same with Lotro “festival”. One side is hastily, poorly done, based entirely on random number generator and ultra-fast reactions. Another side – since first side is by far the worst, one just needs to find fun outside RNG/luck system.

WoneJ was deleted – bye bye – and WoneK was born, she is destined to make about 200 TPs for me in one day. We’ll see how it works today.

NaktiesKarys took part in “festival”. Very mixed impressions:

  • egg hunt – either 4-10 competitors or me being single with all rotten eggs, just 2 normal and 2 coloured. Impossible to finish;
  • fishing is based on luck – did not try;
  • fishing “catch lost items from the pond” – very good;
  • fishing – helping one lady to catch 5 fish – very good;
  • tour through the market – very good;
  • near Stock – use mushrooms. Always overcrowded, RNG/luck dependence – did not try;
  • restocking market – doable, very good
  • serving customers – 2 quests very good and doable, rest are “get the ingredients” and these always are out of any logic. Says red apple will do, I take red apple – “this item was not on the list”, take the same quest, then green apple – was not on the list. So which one was on the list?

Bounder tokens always drop 5 tokens, in extremely rare cases – entire 10 tokens. I have some ~60 “festival” tokens which is far, far awat from desired 300. Well, if I am extremely lucky, I will grind for 120 and buy warsteed cosmetic.

Almost everybody in the forums does mention that bounder tokens have almost zero drop and almost everyone is dissatisfied. However, no answer whatsoever from developers – they seem to be uninterested in disappointed community.

Dark side: because of frustration I almost yelled at one player. He was hunting in Annuminas, he was lvl.85 elf Hunter. He just waited untill I target Angmarim, then one-shotted it and went further. I sent him tells to join fellowship: no answer. Ninja-invited many times – rejected. Finally, I started telling like “oh look, noob elf on the run”…untill some player (I guess – Game moderator) warned me harrassement was not wellcome. Thought I would be banned, but I was left to play and enjoy game…though I still consider that Hunter to be one of the lamiest Hunters in Middle Earth: what’s the use of player who cannot even write “No, thanks” or does not know how to join fellowship?

Had some…discussion…with Kinship about my apocalyptic view on Lotro. I felt like everything has lost its sense. Questing in Gap of Rohan was a bit uneasy, I’m still unexperienced with mounted combat. Slayer deeds (thanks, developers) were over-boring. Festival was lame and impossible. Bounder tokens did not drop. And even my top-level Weaponsmitg could not be of any help to others.

Bright side: because of the worst festival in Lotro history – done some hunts. First was one region, went to far reputation items. I was alone, killing every enemy in sight (though +700 item drop was very low). Then, some lvl.41 Hunter appeared. I asked him if he want to join fellowship – he agreed. And then we ran, targeting almost every monster, Hunter was of great help for me because he rained arrows while I was engaged in melee combat. We just slaughtered everything, my bags almost exploding from loot and reputation items. The he asked to target another type of mobs and used his Hunter abilities to track them so I could see purple dots. It was of great help once again. The he neeeded to locate certain items – of course, guarded – and we ran through. I lost count how many hundreds of enemies were killed – but in the end, he was done with at least 2 of his quests here. It was my time to leave for repairs – and he maybe had to turn-in quests. He asked how could he repay…I answered as I would to everyone: “1) Have fun; 2) when you are big, help others when they need”. Superb hunt was over.

Helped one kinnie with traps: he needed lvl.40 traps and I made them – some 100. Hope he would use them and level up.

And yesterday I was standing in Bree, doing nothing, chatting with others about nothing, when some lvl.32 player told he was unsucsesfull with “dungeons”. I asked if he wanted Great Barrow, just he and me. He agreed and we slaughtered everything. I was very proud that this far no player fighting along with me was killed. So – run was quick, Sambrog was owned quickly and we left.

Tried to escort two kinnies (lvl.20s) to Gates of Moria. Unfortunately, they attracted far more attention than I could deal with. One was killed, another too. A pity – but next time, if they are mounted, we could make this run quickier and safer.

Now I am prepared for Big Jump: gathered many reputation items, at lest easy ones. Ready to create toons, run them from (burned) Archet to Bree vault, use all I can use, delete toons, create new, use all I can use…and alike.

My formal achievements were very low:some 1294 TP, about 3620 (?) bounder tokens.

And so weeekend has ended: a mediocre, little-inspiring weekend. Days were somewhat boring and grey in Lotro.