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Lord of the rings online

…and we finally have it. A fall festival, as promised – “steady income of bounder tokens” and fun. Oh yeah.

First of all, developers almost anulled bounder tokens as loot. Yesterday I hunted in Evendim: tens of limfarns – no bounder tokens; hundred of Angmarim – no tokens. Finally, after grinding too many (can’t even imagine numbers) Lossoth in their camp (Forochel) – some 80 tokens.

But we do have festival with its steady income. Festivla area was overcrowded and very laggy, at least on WIthywindle. Quests were…mockery. Rewards being 4 “Farmers Faire” tokens and one bag of bounders tokens (typically – 5). With such mocking rewards -if they can be called rewards at all- here comes the quests: in fact, most of them required visiting all the Shire and return back. One required to guess what fat local Mayor wants to eat. Oh, of course, just I will get my crystall ball, diploma of Telepathic and there we go… To make things worse, most quests have 23 hours cooldown. So – 4 quests with 20 bounder tokens reward each day: that’s less I used to get in an hour!

Disappointed in this lame festival, disappointed in the disappearance of bounder tokens. It means I could not donate a single one…and no one could. Drops are too low, why did Turbine do this? Why don’t they adress players, or Player’s Council? They would give great ideas for free to make this festival good and desirable.

Only this morning I read our wiki and found more quests. Not so intelligent, without bounder token awards, pure grind – but they are doable, just fish or collect eggs. That’s what is possible, even with standard 23 hours cooldown.

Thus – hunted, grinded Lossoth and Annuminas reputation items, my DunedanMule has finally reached Kindred with Lossoth and WOneJ completed ‘history of Dunedan”.

And so the day has grumpily ended, i felt very angry, had 1219 Turbine points and 3310 tokens. Life was bad and uninspiring in Lotro.