Lord of the rings online

So-called “real life” intervened, had some 2 hours to play.

WoneJ finished neeker slayer, paid for one more house upkeep…and that’s all she did.

NaktiesKarys went to grind for Bounders tokens. Group was formed pretty fast, I sent invites to everyone I met in the area: just because cooperation is better than competition. Area is not so huge, and if we cooperate, we gain more loot and tokens. However, there were players that were already in fellowship and did not respond to my tells nor did they accept invites (even if they were free). Why compete when cooperation is more profitable? Yes, I did earn some tokens this way.

At the end of the day saw a group of lvl.20s going to Great Barrow. Asked (me, lvl.80 Champion) to join, just out of interest and an option to grind for tokens. Was accepted, but soon almost everyone became annoyed with my presence. Had to leave the group. A pity, I was expecting some fun to be had.

And so the day has ended, I had 1164 Turbine points, 2670 tokens. Withywindle has donated some 550.000 tokens (~1 million remains). The day was good with Lotro.