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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday the game – all sites, forums, game itself – most of the day went offline, with very little explanation from Turbine. Later, forums re-appeared with users ringing alarm bells. One went to far as to ask if WB are shutting down Lotro. Some players were joking, others asked who attacked Lotro servers…only at some 22:00 Lithuanian time game went on-line.

Lord of the rings offline became Lord of the rings online at last.

WoneJ abandoned epic quest (may always return to it) and finished Brigand slayer (adv), Quests in Breeland (30). Also, my grinding toon paid 300 silver coins for house upkeep. By chance, WoneJ also acquired sturdy steel key, now I will have some 14 of them in the vault: am not opening any lootbox lesser than lvl.70.

NaktiesKarys farmed for tokens, killing lots of stuff and collecting hundreds of reputation items. This is a huge investment:one day my new toons will have no problem in reaching kindred with several fraction within few minutes. Also, met one strange player: he was farming tokens, I told him we’d better form group so that we could gain more and do not compete. He rejected, telling “I am leaving now”…but he stayed for long and we competed. Did not understand that: why compete when more profit and satisfaction is from cooperation?

And then, one kinnie asked for help in Great Barrow. Folks were busy, he adressed me and after assurance instance won’t scale – I went there. Oh boy, it was massacre: lvl.80 champion versus lvl.24 wighs. That was the show for my AoE attacks as they smashed everything that opposed me. No need to use “bubble”, bracing attacks or healing potions. Always running ahead, getting into the heart of the battle. Monsters were probably gratefull and dropped many token bags. Even named monsters (Sambrog and Co) had only some 9000 health. We did them all, my kinnie even shared quest and I received reward. At the end kinnie had lots of quests completed and reached new level.

I left instance being very satisfied. I was of real help, my kinnie did not die and we had lots of fun. I wish there were more instances like these for me…

And the day ended. I had 1159 Turbine points, as well as 2105 Bounder tokens. My server, Withywindle, has some (if I am not too wrong) 500.000 tokens. Yet about million to go. I left satisfied and ready for more and more action. Life is just prety good in Lotro, while Lotro is not offline.