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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was very busy – Bounder tokens made life both easier, funnier and more grindy.

NaktiesKarys grinded everything, from low to medium lvl. areas to finish slayer deeds, gain some Turbine points and get some tokens. Only Dunland remains with some slayer deeds – but this region is tricky, since it offers only 5 TPs for advanced slayer deed (not 10 as in other regions). Also almost finished slayer deeds in Evendim, only evil Limfavrn and some Annuminas deeds remain.

Bounder tokens made grinding funny. First of all – fellowships are almost auto-formed, if there are some players in one area, they are more likely to form a fellowship. I was invited into some, and I created some. There were two remarkable in Evendim: when I and other lvl.45 player hunted for Giants and when I and other player slayed Kergrim. Area was little and there was no need to compete: together, we made an almost perferct team.  And all these slayer deeds, single & advanced, meant instant flow of Turbine points. Also, it was a huge investment: I grinded hundreds of reputation items, so that my new toon will gain some 100 TPs immediately after arriving to burned Archet.

Thus, Bounder tokens made positive changes: groups are more often formed, players are rewarded for (otherwise bit boring) grind.Player gets 15 TPs for donated 2500 tokens. Possible downside: I doubt anyone buys slayer deed accelerator.

One time managed to run Dark Delvings, finish all deeds here and have much fun. Once again, TPs and experience, as well as reputation items. Other time went to Great Barrow – tried tanking, which was doable and I really enjoyed my AoE attacks.

My toon, WoneJ, started her own grinding process: did basic deeds in Bree-land, like spider slayer (simple, adv., brigand slayer, quests in Bree-land (15). Soon, she will finish all starter deeds, now just running forwards and backwards with epic quests (which is boring since this toon is to grind for TPs and in game coins).

Not so bright side: my Withywindle is very inactive with Bounder tokens donation. If everyone donates 2500 tokens and earns 15 TPs – we would now enjoy all the barter items. But player are kind of passive and Turbine (a pity!) does anot announve official statistics. My topic in Lotro forum urging to donate 2500 tokens went almost unnoticed.

However, weekend, full of interesting grind, ended. I had 1139 Turbine points, had some 1700 Bounder tokens left and greatly increased my budget after each Bounder tokens run. Things are going interesting and good in Lotro.