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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was a busy one these days: running throughout Dunland and Enedwaith, getting every single Turbine point available.

Epic quest line brought me to Mirkwood. I expected it to be dark and grumpy, unfriendly – like Moria. Well, starter regions were dark, later it turned into some charm. All enemies were grey, there was a little challenge and easily did all solo quests. I got some reputation with local Elves too. Obtained 2 valuable skills: trravel to Enedwaith and travel to Galtrev.

The problem were forced skirmishes: took one solo, was defeated at once; had to ask for help. 3 out of 4 skirmishes were done – I was helped by my kinnies (local chats were just dead). Fourth, and last, forced skirmish remains.

Dunland was very nice, as always. I thought some “well-planned” and therefore – failed attacks made by Free People. Almost every brighter personality – dies. Even Prince Theodred, brave Rohirrim – even he had to die and be burried on the banks of the river. Overall – I am very satisfied with this region. Quests – if on level – are of some challenge, but doable and soloable. Landscape is great. Stories unfold about Dunlendings, some kind of treacherous people, angry on Rohan. Some of them betray, like Falcon-clan, some of them live in illusions. Rise of Isengard is worth every single Turbine point I spent on it.

And, of course, Rohan. I am thinking about buying Rohan expansion (4295 Turbine points), even if that means a long grind. Hope that they will discount Rohan when new expansion comes out.

And so these days ended. I was very satisfied with Lord of the rings online, had 879 TPs, reached level 79, my war-steed reached lvl.6 and life was just good.

Last note:going on vacations. Two weeks without Lotro and internet.