Lord of the rings online

Yesterday had some…well, not too many time to play. Played from 23:00 to some 01:00, hunting in Dunland. Quests were interesting, everything was doing just fine. Much loot, bags are almost full and sometimes I had to decide which item is to be thrown, not sold.

One kinnie was very kind to craft me new Rune – so now I have lvl.75 rune of champion. Unfortunately, I could not afford myself lvl.85 Symbol of the Elder king. Just too expensive: I had some 260 gold coins, item cost was some 400 gold.  But I got it and levelled to lvl.50s very quickly: this is the case my runes of heritage were usefull.

Mood is very optimistic: i do enjoy the content, paying no attention to the fact I did not get any Turbine point and my deed progress was a bit slow. It is nothing, if I have quality content.

My holidays are soon – two weeks without internet and Lord of the rings online. But then, Dwarf will return to slaughter more Mordor lackeys and grind for even more TPs: Rohan awaits.