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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys once again fought along with Rohirrim, standing against hordes of Mordor. Many Orcs met their doom, but this came at a price: another settlement burnt, defenders killed – luckily, women and children escaped the massacre.

Meanwhile, I got my first mount – medium warsteed. First quest to ride it, first quests to use mounted attacks. First impressions: great. I can customize my steed appearance (every festival offers some stuff), horse rides much faster and I can perform ranged/melee attacks as well. Jumps higher and lands far away than standard horse. Yet controls are still to be managed, they at some point differ from standar horse. I also got legendary items – bridles, now have 2 of them and levelling as fast as I can.

Also got some quality Rohirrim armor, all in iconic green with horse signs: this one is better. On this occasion, crafted myself a new weapon, lvl.75 Champions axe of the Third age. Deconstructed severalm useless weapons – and voila, my weapon is at level 60 within few minutes.

I am so excited about Rohan. Have so much to learn about mounted combat – and when I learn, I will probably hunt there, in these nice green fields, slaying any monster in sight. My war steed is far better than any top-level horse and when I master mounted attacks – monsters in Rohan, beware! Cannot hide my excitement from the Kinship – everyone agrees with me, adding about >400 quests to do there. Rohan can be called a masterpiece of Middle Earth. I will grind every single TP and buy this region:the sooner, the better.

While outside Rohan – finished last quests for the Grey company. Got kindred reputation with them: World Renowned mega-deed completed, I got a free “Mount of Eriador” and 75 Turbine points.

Later participated in lvl.50 skirmish, defending Gondamon. Once again, our group of 30 players (lvl.50, lvl.60 and one lvl.75) was victoriuos. Sometimes health was running a bit low, but we prevailed, earning marks, medaillions and even some silver. Folks told me my Champion performed good – maybe this class is not that bad after all.Then tried epic quests, did some, but dailed Laerdan session play. A pity.

And so the day, full of adventures, has ended. I got 739 Turbine points, got 1 war steed, new quality armour, 2 warsteed bridles and was still at lvl.75. Life is just awesome with Lotro and green, inviting Rohan.