Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys, my main toon, was active:other toons were sleepers, used mainly to check how many Turbine points I had.

I usually start playing with Enedwaith daily quests: had to build reputation with Men of Algraig and Grey company. First faction is an easy one, some 4-5 repeatable quests; Grey company has only 3 quests. After doing that – at full speed to Dunland.

Dunland is a part of Isengard (I was wrong about it being “free region”), but very rich of content and things to do. Every settlement has things to do, some even have daily quests (Men of Dunland reputation is important, after all). Galtrev had to be liberated from they yoke of Saruman, then another settlement, then some poor NPC in need of bandages, and yet later – a village of local folk that has great needs too. The war is close and locals are to decide, whether to live peacefully or aid Free Peoples. Of course, they join Free Peoples. What I was really impressed of – was one metalsmith (in Galtrev?). He told frankly – I am producing weapons for Saruman. And then adds: but I have friends and they will see to it that these weapons would be of not so good quality. That is what really impressed me.

I can’t remember all the quests I was asked to do: too many of them. Scout enemy village; confront local named mobs; aid miners (half of them are dead) and so on. Each quest rewards with valuable reputation and items, sometimes too many to fit into my backpack. I felt very satisfied with such rich content.

Yes, it’s about deeds. In isengard, you almost do not worry about slayer/exploration deeds: quests will sent you right there, to kill mobs, sometimes you will have to self-defend. Never had a need to grind by far – quests and only quests. TP are almost flowing from the air, I do not have a need to look what to complete: it is very nice and I feel like Isengard quest pack will be most profitable and I feel really great when adventuring there.

I felt challenge. Fighting one serious enemy, fighting even 3 of them at once. All bracing attacks, hp “bubbles”, frequent use of Dire Need – everything was cool, sometimes me being victorious with only 200 health…but still victoriuos, standing on the bodies of slained orcs.

I advanced, reaching level 74, almost half a way to legendary level 75, very soon I will ride in Rohan on my war mount!

However, there is one dark side: my own class. I still remember my fight: i run from a company, maybe 3 wargs and some 5 goblins. All wanting to discuss something with me, my health being at some 60-70%, heals not ready yet…still I stop to make (almost) last stand. AoE attacks, sopme heals…and dout of nothing – fire appears, devouring my goblins. Then some lightinings, finally – overgrown tree that stomps monsters. Warg-goblin horde is a history: 3 attacks and they are dead. All this was done by lvl.68 Lore Master (me being lvl.72 Champion).

I am disappointed of my class. I saw many classes in action, have no need to read wikis. Burglar’s insta-kill: one attack, mob dead. Hunter raining arrows at monsters so that few remain alive; captains and guardians tanking and being requested in any instance. Minstrels healing and saving the raid, being in high demand. Just not Champion. Champion can play solo – I can confirm this – but in any company Champion will be outperfomed by any other class, even 5 levels lower. A pity I can’t change class to something normal. Due to this – I decided not to take part in any raids/instances: it would just deepen depression and grumpyness.

And thus weekend has ended. I reached level 74, had 644 Turbine points, completed many deeds and on my way to completing “World Renowned” meta-deed. Except for my class – life is excellent in Lotro.