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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued his adventures in Enedwaith. Almost all single quests finished, now only daily ones remain: have to grind reputation with 2 local factions, Grey Company and Men of Algraig. However, these quests are very positive for me: they do help advance slayer deeds, give valuable xp and money.

Of course, it does not concern evil hobbits with their “collect boar droppings plz” quests! I wish I could slay every single Enedwaith hobbit and turn them into fertilizers…

And then epic quest brought me to Dunland. It was a free region for me – no need to buy separate content. And I immersed into local content. It was just superb, I ran in Galtrev, helping local people to work for Isengard (!), then to free themselves from Isengard, finally – fighting one wizard believeing he is more powerfull than Saruman.

It was the most fun. I had to make One Ring (i.e. simple ring), then – make some stuff from crabain etc…and finally kill the wizard, just because he wanted to kill me. I really enjoyed comments, like “you made a simple ring, considering time investment it is a success” and evil guy believes he feels energies flowing through him, asking why did I give up The One Ring?

Content was everywhere. Every settlement, almost every met NPC had something to do, be it locating bandages or killing overgrown boars.And yes, all these quests give reputation with the Men of Dunland.

I also teamed with one kinnie, we hunted a bit, but I had to do soo instance, he was killed and disappeared without answering. Weird. Kin also organizes several events – I wish I could join these. In recent days, every day we have activities which is just good.

And so 2 days in Lotro ended.  I managed to level up, ending the day with level 72 Champion. At August 07 I had 454 Turbine points, August 08 – already 504 Turbine points, gained new Champion abilities and even upgraded my equipment. Am very satisfied with Enedwaith/Dunland and instant flow of fun and TPs. Life is just superb in Lotro.