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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent entire day in Enedwaith, questing and completing deeds. I have lost count how many deeds have I completed and how many are to be done. Taking all quests I could take, even managed to take epic ones (though they tend to be most boring).

I ran, I slaughtered, looted many stuff, some of it was in demand for our Kinship crafters. First day in Enedwaith I became lvl.69 – yesterday, I became lvl.70. Things are going interesting and pretty fast. Quests are interesting – like come and patrol – oops, something interesting, report to NPC right now and NPC tells to scout entrances, then kill some guards of inspect some cottages. And I remember that each wolf or half-orc I kill for quest gives me fun – therefore, slayer deeds are by far fun and interesting.

Took part in one meeting: one faction, distrustfull of both Free People and Sauron, took a meeting to decide whether to ally with Isengar or with Free People. First – Isengard ambassador, offering wealth and power and protection…in exchnage of just some troops and supplies. There were some hot discussions and I thought these lame persons will sell themselves to the slavery of Isengard! Fortunately, my toon hunted before and brought some evidence. Locals decided not to ally with Isengard. Of course, emissary was angry and told he would teach a lesson: NaktiesKarys will pay for the insults! A duel between me and “Isengard Champion”. I killed him to much joy of the locals: they saw, Isenagrdians can be beaten and understand they have little to afraid.

That was really good scene, not tiring one and full of tension. I saw how these folks think, doubt, how they distrust everyone around one them. If only there were more of these, not just the “we are the heroes, let’s kick some Mordor arse” or “would Frodo make it to the Settlement?”.

I had some other things to do – most of them were insteresting and twisting. And when I thought all quests were over – I ran to skirmish settlement, there were some quests too.

And so the day, full of adventures, has ended. I had 444 Turbine points, was very satisfied with the new region and new adventures there. Even if I finish its quests, I will continue with daily ones and slayer deeds. I am having fun there and feeling satisfied – even at the cost of not participating in Kinship events. Life is full of adventures and joy in Lotro.