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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was very intensive. WoneI did all deeds she could in the Shire, then paid for house upkeep and bought at inflated prices some Mathoms in Auction house. Then, she was deleted.

NaktiesKarys fought in Carn Dum and Vile Maw: both were awfull. In Carn Dum, we somehow went to local sewers: one step aside, you are dead, I went dead too many times. Completed some deeds by the way, but the last thing was when we stopped to wait for one kinnie. I went to Youtube, found a song, back to game- nothing happens. Back you Youtube, then to game – everyone out and far away…and no exit to them. Left the group highly unsatisfied with myself. Then – Vile Maw. Needless to say, it is impossible to finish. Our group was a strong and experienced one, almost all – tanks…and still, wipes 4 or 5 times in a row. I survived first wipe, then was killed in a second one. Which lead me to solution, taken from military sources. If someone attacks city (military says, not me), then attackers must have 3 times more forces than defenders. Therefore, any instance attacking group must have 3 times natural health (without buffs) that monster and all his guards has. Example: if Vile Maw has 100.000 hp and spawns 10 guards with 10.000 hp each, total hp is 200.000; therefore, any group should have a total og 600.000 health in order to have chance.

After that I grinded for reputation items. Gloomy Sarnur and tons of First age relics. Easy barrow of Haufht Iarcith with mathoms and Cordolan trinkets. Annuminas with almost instant black badges/band of Numenor drops. And finally, unfriendly Lossoths and very rare drops of their rep. items.  Also, had to kill lots of Angmar undead for COuncil of the North rep. items.

Result: DunedanMule became Ally with the Lossots and now lacks few thousand xp to Kindred; also, kindred with Council of the North. WoneJ was mailed lots of items and within some minutes became kindred with Men of Bree, Thorins Hall and Wardens of Annuminas. Even WoneI reached Friend reputation with Mathom society (ie. 14 well preserved mathoms used).

NaktiesKarys also helped one kinship member to hunt in Midgewater.  it was veyr good and fun ride: my kinnie ran ahead to the monsters, I insta-killed them. Things were going very good and very fast, we finished some deeds…but I had to go to do some things in real life. Killed some quests boses by the way and have to leave.

Returned and rode to Angmar for undead run. Things were going good untill I met one player. He invited in fellowship, I refused, he inviterd second time explaining what he was for. I entered…and regretted it. Well, group was strong (lvl.68, lvbl.65 and lvl.60). We went through monsters very easily. The problem was the worst performing person in group.


My champion performed like a chicken versus tank. Level 60 Burglar insta-killed any creature with one hit and did not get hurt if fallen from cliff. Lvl.65 Hunter rained down arrows so that there was little fight after that. And only I was to fight in a traditional and highly ineffective way. I left dissatisfied with my Champion, cursing myself why have I chosen this class, un-needed in groups, undemanded in any instance/fight. Some time later I left group – stressed, grumpy Dwarf champion.

And the weekend continued in a grumpy mood. I did not take part in Kinship activities, even those I realised I could take part in. Everything was grey and sad. However, my TP runs were highly effective: 215 Turbine points is by far top result for me. I have 2390 Turbine points now with only 105 TPs away from Rise of Insegard expansion…and if I try hard, I still could purchase Enedwaith with discount.

In short, weekend was very effective in terms of TP and kind of grey in terms of fun. Anyway, life in Lotro is good, I am closing to Isengard and possibly – new adventures, quickier levelling.