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Lord of the rings online

Lotro forums are finally upgraded! Impressions:mixed. On the one side – they look better, developers primise would load faster on mobile phones and are easier to understand. Lotteries finally have their own page and I even participated (gained some silver and fireworks, yay!). On the other side: some pictures loading , like in lotteries page (if page is to load faster, loading picture of 2/3 screen won’t help it); somehow I cannot add attachements in the forums (why?). However, overall impressions are good.

Festival is at its end and reminds me instantly:go to festival, go to festival. No, thanks, it is boring, uninspiring and grindy.

WoneI continued her adventures. She finished spider and brigand slayer deeds, as well as completed 15 quests in Bree-land. Was awarded with 2 heavy bronze swords made by NaktiesKarys. Now she is ready to do some run-around quests in Combe and leave to Staddle as soon as possible. Only in Staddle will I be able to do many quests and start neeker-breeker slayer deeds. I also started to accept side quests like “go to crafting hall, speak to NPC”:they give valuable xp.

NaktiesKarys was kind of sad, unlike WoneI. There was almost zero activity. Too little players to form even the smallest group and there were only two of us that wanted any group to be made. So – zero activity, my toon either grinds for reputation items or stands senselesly in the vault.

Enedwaith is on sale – some 550 TPs instead of 695…but I was adviced to wait for Isengard sale. In fact, if it was today, I would be abel to purchase. Maybe it has some logic: I’lll return to Enedwaith as a stronger Dwarf and will easily do all the quests/deeds there.

I am running low on the time: need more TPs and need to grind some 40-50 TPs per day. That means kind of boring scheme “grind for rep items-deposit-create new toon-lebvel up to the burned Archet-sent rep  items – use them” being repeated many times. Sometimes I feel stressed in Lotro. There are many things to do and no one to do these things with.

And so the day has ended. I had 2030 Turbine points (465 remaining) and some 2 days to finish all planned deeds on WoneI. Life is a kind of good in Lotro.