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Lord of the rings online

200th post on this blog, yay!

Lotro forums are still on temporary mode, waiting for new, better ones.

NaktiesKarys made his run for festival tokens. Fishing was going not too god and I felt like I would be forced to grind for yet more tokens today.  Yet a miracle came in Bree, I caught some redfish and hurray, last 110 tokens grinded, time for shopping. Both steeds, caparicon and…unexpectedly elven doormat were purchased. My shopping list is done and so is this boring grindy festival.

Then, it was high time to kill some Angmarim in Annuminas for reputation items. Unfortunately, there was one lvl.85 tank in ‘my’ place, killing every Angmarim in sight. I went to less good area, hunted…when one wild party with lvl.85 and some lvl.42 arrived killing anything en route. Asked in regional chat to leave some Angmarim for me, they did not listen…yet I managed to kill and at the end of the hunt I had some 101 band of Numenor and some 157 Black badges, as well as lots stuff for sale (including 75 diamonds:looking who could polish these).

Time has come for using reputation items: DunedanMule became Kindred with the Wardens of Annuminas. rest Black badges and bands of Numenor were used by WoneH, who reached Ally reputation.

And so the day has ended, I had 1860 Turbine points with only 635 Turbine poins left to grind. Some 120 TPs I do have now as reputation items:today will probably grind in Forochel and maybe in Annuminas. Soon, WoneH will be deleted and new temporary TP grinding toon will make her run for some 125 TPs. Days are becoming good in Lotro.