Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys grinded for…fish. Yes, Premium wallet holds all kinds of flowers as well fish. The day has passed in fishing, catching all kinds of stuff and exchanging it into Festival tokens.

Had nothing more to do – went to Annuminas (Evendim) to grind for Wardens of Annuminas reputation items. Fight was long, but at the end I had 64 Rings of Numenor (+700 reputation) and some 150 Black badges (+50 to reputation). All were handed to DunedanMule. And then DunedanMule advanced by 2 reputation levels, being close to Kindred.

Lotro forums went on upgrade, something new is to be introduced at the the begining of the August. Till then – only temporary forums, but users are active there.

And so the day has ended with senseless grind for so-called festival (almost everyone dislikes it for being dull). I had 1810 Turbine points (some 685 remains to be grinded) and 91 token (19 remain to be grinded). Killing Angmarim was fun – rest of the day was kind of dull. Summer is a season of inactivity when I do need activity with raids, hunts or instances. Day was…mediocre…in Lotro.