Lord of the rings online

WoneH continued her travels, doing all deed she could, mounting temporaly horse and visiting Shire/Ered Luin ruins and farms, gaining valuable Turbine points. Almost all easy Bree deeds are completed, except Sickle-fly slayer (advanced), upkeep for a house paid, travelling potions for Naktieskarys purchased…and still some 400 silver coins left.

NaktiesKarys went to Angmar, doing deeds there.  Wighs killed, all 300 of them, worms too. This hunt provided with reputatio items and, of course, some gold. Then went to Sarnur where I met one player. We teamed, as I hunted for First Age relics. We went through all the monsters and then he asked what was beneath. I knew it, but showed him: snow trolls, snow beasts, any of them with some 8000 hp. Even as I outlevelled them – fight was hard, especially when I had to deal with 2-3 monsters at once. My colleague helped a lot with healings and I had to watch that mobs attack me, not him. His pet helped too, bravely biting any monster. We fought untill entered one hard dungeon:I could not do much damage to any troll, we were defeated and had to go. However, this run was very spectacular. I believe this player had some fun as well as experience.

I also went to Barrows to grind for Mathoms and cordolan trinkets. Hunt was good, Cordolans dropped and even sturdy steel key (have 2 of them in the vault waiting for higher level loot box).

Then the time for so-called “festival” came. Grabbed hobby, bought fishing rod and went fishing. There are 4 places to fish: Bree (near skirmish camp), Shire (near Bywater), Elven Ered Luin (Celondim) and Thorins Hall. NaktiesKarys’ experiences:  initially 19 tokens, next day 37, next day 62. DunedanMule earned lousy 4 and within 3 days will get 10. WoneH was very productive earning 30 tokens in one day. Festival goals:

  1. Lothlorien map (10 tokens)
  2. Ettenmoors map (10 tokens. purchased)
  3. Caras Galadhorn map (10 tokens. purchased)
  4. Northern Barrows map (10 tokens. purchased)
  5. Steed of Midsummer (40 tokens)
  6. Summersdays steed (20 tokens)
  7. Caparicon (40 tokens)

So, DunedanMule will buy the last map and then my NaktiesKarys would have to grind for the last 38 tokens. After that I will abandon festival: it’s too boring, too grindy with too little fun. Sit down near lake, catch weed and wait for any good fish to be caught. You have to catch some 6-15 trash fish/weed before you get one festival fish. I thought it was my problem, but other players do confirm this.

Kinship provided me with huge numbers of Thorins Hall reputation items. Now I have 200 First age relics, 200 Cordolan trinkets: they will give my new toon 100 Turbine points immediately.

There are questions about Rise of Isengard expansion (looks like Dragoich raid is broken and buggy), but still no answers if I should purchase expansion or quest pack.

And so weekend has ended. I had some fun, knew basic about fishing. Despite very grindy and boring “festival” – life was good in Lotro.