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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys succesfully hunted in the beautiful, icy land of Forochel. Dourhand traitors – first. They thought they were save in so-called “Icy mines”: they were wrong. Initially I ran solo, slaughtering every Dourhand and looting almost anything. Then, 2 more players came, invited to Kinship and we started a slaughter. No Dourhand was spared, every one was killed and soon we ran out of them: had to run outside, kill everything, return to previous hunting area. I scored some 200 kills this way, other members of the group finished their deeds too. Experience and fun were great: a group was really good.

After some repairs and selling – time for the worms. They made a colony near one town, so I went there, fighting sometimes 4 of them, killing named one (with 8000 hp) several times. Loot was good, at the end bags were full and so loot box – but killing deed was finished.

Dourhands provided me with valuable items – Thorins hall reputation ones, called First age relics. They drop both Forochel and Thorins Hall rep items, so hunting traitors is kind of….profitable.  WoneH soon became Kindred with the Thorins Hall. And using all of Lossoth reputation items helped DunedanMule to become Neutral (well, Lossoth distrust you, so you start as enemy) and then – first normal reputation. More and more Turbine points, I am starting to think Forochel is not as bad in terms of investment as I thought. Paradoxal conclusion: not using accelerator helped a lot. I looted many many things and it paid off.

After that had nothing to do, went to Barrows near Bree. Asked if anyone needed help: no one was. Well, farmed for Mathoms and sellable things then. Kinship chat was turned off, tell option – turned on only at the end of the day.

It turned out so-called “festival” tickets won’t go to Premium wallet. Which means only one thing: good-bye to Cartographer deed (or pay gold for having to touch maps) and to the mounts.

And thus the day has ended. Once again I hunted solo and it wasn’t that bad. Yes, I would have to forget all the offers by Kinship, but it’s not big problem. Maybe I will find some groups. At the end of the day I had 1685 Turbine points – I need only 810 TPs to the goal. Festival is a huge disappointment, silence in Kinship  – kind of, but I’m starting to solo everything doable. Things are…good…in Lotro.