Lord of the rings online

Played very little. Moria empty as always, no instances or hunts organized. Oh, there is a Summer festival with mounts (and I collect mounts). Went to the Shire. 3 quests to find missing items. Player competition was large, but finding was not too hard, area was not too big and items were shiny. Ok, 3 tokens earned and I do need some 100 of them (2 horses and some 4 maps). Well then, it’s time for a race. Tried two races, both were impossible to win. Result: no TPs earned, time wasted. Took rest of time to go to Forochel. Nobody will take me out of there untill last deed is finished!

And that’s where Turbine is a perfect example. So, if you want to know how to make the worst festival in any MMORPG, here are some advices:

  1. Make some activities almost impossible to finish. If quest requires 2 minutes, make it 45 seconds. Pay no attention to those who point it out
  2. Make senseless grind, be it flower collecting or grinding. 1 ton of flowers equals to 1 token. Pay no attention to those who may complain
  3. Make time-related quests, like “deliver goods from A, B, C, D…Z towns in 30 minutes” despite the fact it may need at least 45 minutes. Ignore the fact that some players still may require more time.
  4. Make quests that depends only on reactions: whoever first presses letter “W”, catches a fish and you need, say, 500 fish for one token. If anyone complains about it, ignore.
  5. Make quests that consumes tokens and have too little chance to be finished. Pay no attention to any critics.
  6. Make prices of really usefull items – inflated. Pay no attention to those who point it out.
  7. The better festival, the less fun. Grind is a new fun, diversity is greatly discouraged. Ignore anybody who disagress, since they are noobs and haters.

Turbine had a real chance to make good festival: instead, it made a bad grind-fest. The only thing that could save this “festival” is Premium wallet. if all my toons on different servers could contribute to Premium wallet – then it’s ok. It is realistic to earn only 3 tokens a day. So, if I need 2 horses (2×40) 1 caparicon (20 tokens) and some 4 maps (4×10), I need 100 tokens. Each realistic quest has a 5 hours cooldown. Let us say, I could take each quest twice on each toon. Then:
Withywindle: DunedanMule and WoneH: 12 tokens a day; OneA, OneB, OneI on Silverlode – maximum 18 tokens a day; OneC, OneD on Dwarrowdelf – 12 tokens a day. Total – some 40 tokens a day (maximum). Well, it’s a mobilization for entire 3 days of eternal grind doing all the same quests. Very “interesting”, dear developers…

And so the day has ended. Got argued with Kinship, thought about leaving, but I won’t leave. Will remain just a silent member (better to be silent than wage wars) doing everrything solo (tell good-bye to Moria instances). The daw was awfull and dissapointing in Lotro.