Lord of the rings online

WoneH continued her journey in Combe/Staddle region. Finished spider slayer (advanced) deed, Bree-land 30 quests and got close to Brigand slayer (advanced). As time was running low, she ran Bree to complete several quests…and used almost all reputation items. Result: Kindred with Bree, Ally to Thorins hall and some medium reputation with the Mathom society. Unfortunately, lacked Mathoms for kindred with hobbits and only some 20 First age relics to finish reputation with the Thorin’s Hall.

This TP grinding toon will probably live longer than many others: I expect to do all the easy killing deeds, ignoring quests (if they are above top adventure deed). After lvl.18 In the Shire it is possible to do slayer deeds easily, same in Ered-Luin. I expect to earn at least 100 more Turbine points this way. July 24th would be a maintenance day, so I’d better hurry today to do as much as I can.

And so the day has ended, I had 1590 Turbine points, only 905 TPs remain to Rise of Isengard expansion (and well, if they offer discount – one region for 695 TPs). Then, I could finally grow up my toon continuing to do epic line quests. The life is very good in Lotro.