Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys tried to find any sense or activity in Moria. Found none. Then, I tried to do some grey colour Epic quests. Not too interesting (“please run to our outpost”, “oh please, bring that news to NPCs across the land”), but still some sellable rewards, xp and sometimes – Legendary weapon xp. I ran thorugh several tome I books – finished 11, 12 and looks like now am at 13. Experienced lots of stories that were interesting for me and sad deaths of some Free People. Followed Amarthiel from rivers of Trollshaws to Carn Dum.

And then, The Ring went North, to the beautifull icy world of Forochel. I was satisfied to run there and finish some deeds. Turbine was generous to give away deed accelerator for 90 minutes: used it all to finish 2 deeds, both involving killing 300 monsters and advanced another deed. It was just great, to run and kill, run and kill and loot lots of stuff, including Lossoth reputation items. Completed some other deeds and even got Kindred with Lossoth (despite being unable to defend their people from Mordirith’s wrath). On that occasion – bought local mount.

Kinship organized great hunt in Misty mountains: we went in medium company (some 6 people) and hunted for Trolls and Giants. It was not a hunt, of course: it was slaughter. Any troll/giant had little time to react before hunters rained down arrows, champions unleased AoE attacks and Loremasters unleashed their animals. Lifespan of any monster was some seconds, we spent more time travelling than killing. It was a superb hunt and everyone left very satisfied.

And then I hit level 68. Safe passage to dreadfull Moria, I visited foundations of Stone, did some quests, received rewards…and voila, yet another deed finished.

Time has come for new toon: WoneH was born, human female with brown hair and green eyes, Champion of course. She did some easy TPs for me (spider slayer, brigand slayer, 15 quests in Bree) and today I am expecting to grind some 100 TPs from reputation items only. Deeds will be completed, no doubt. Several times my WoneH ran into dangerous situations where all potions and tomes had to be used, but she is still undefeated.

Kinship organized a horse race which I was unable to take part in. A pity, should have been great fun. Our Kinship is active in this field, very often organizing instances (but more often – for lvl.85).

Now, it is time for dual attack: WoneH does every simple deed and simple quest. The more easy TPs, the better. NaktiesKarys – tries to do some Moria deeds like exploration, or some easy quests.

And so the weekend has ended, I was very satisfied (at least some action and TPs!). Below – my progress, how much Turbine points I earned each day (some days were “blank”, no TPs grinded). Life is just nice in Lotro.