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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys all the time stood in Moria’s 21st hall watching enviroment. There were 6-10 players nearby, all standing/riding. No one talked. For most of the day no organized any raid. Kinship was absolutely inactive, except one kinnie who was adventuring in starter areas.

One player organized wild group: no leader, no tactics, all were lvl.50s-60s, me being the highest, lvl.67. Went to Skumfil and were wiped by the first met Kergrim: he had 32.000 hpo and spawned some 4 worms with 6000 hp. Our group, some 6 players, was wiped one by one, no healings/special attacks helped. I left soon, realising it was a doomed instance. Which leads to conclusion that no instance can be done on level with 6 person group: at least half of group should be lvl.75-85, then some lvl.70s and 1 or 2 lower levels. For six person group: 3 tanks (lvl.85), 1 medium tank (lvl.75) and two of any acceptable level. Otherwise – wipe.

Went to Sarnur, grinded for reputation items…then it became clear all of my toons were at Kindred with Thorins hall. Now have to decide what to do with 93 first age relics. Met one lvl.75 competitor in Sarnur too.

Thus it ended, I had nowhere to go, nothing to do. Folks adviced me to buy Turbine points, but if I buy: a) it won’t be a free game for me anymore; b) I would buy expansion and appear in the same ghost land with dead chats and no instances organized. And yes, I could go to other territories, like Forochel, Misty Mountains, Lothlorien – and hunt for 300 monsters. Having in mind they spawn maximum 5 at one time, it would be weeks or months before I finish any such deed, eben with accelerators. Or I could buy Enedwaith which would be a complete loss of investment. Or just mindlessly slay any Enedwaith monster and grind for TPs. Epic quests are too hard for me, read about this in forums and chats: monsters seem to be way too many and too strong.

And so the day has ended: no help, no talks, no activity whatsoever, no Turbine points, just grumpy mood. Life is ssuch dull and depressing in Lotro.