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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys stood in Moria, in 21st Hall. Moria was empty, chats were dead: LFF, Regional, Advice – all were silent. There were some players running somewhere, doing something, but no one talked. From Kinship – no one was active in Moria.

I started to feel stuck. In Moria, I have only very grindy slayer deeds, like ill-famous Dragonets (some 300). In other regions – very grindy, very boring deeds. Even accelerators won’t help: if mob is rare, some 24 hours accelerator is needed, but it does not exist.

One lvl.50s Guardian asked for help in one quest. At least some interesting moment: went to him, slayed all monsters en route and my Guardian died only twice, but only because he jumped from too high. Otherwise things were going good: we went to Foundations of Stone, looted many things and he did his quest. I was lucky too – Orcs dropped lots of Champion legendary items: will level up these, deconstruct and preserve experience runes for my top-level weapon.

Was approached  by another player, went to kill The Turtle. Things were going fast…and then I found myself in the middle of nowhere. No instances. Almost no talks. Nowhere to go to. Some player asked for Grand Stairs (but I have done these). Otherwise everything was deadly calm as if Moria ws locked and players banned from entering. Folks in the Kin are telling me it is because Moria is “mid-level”, but I have seen same things in almost all other region, except starter ones.

No Turbine points were earned – only minor reputation items which were used by DunedanMule. Looks like I would have to make some 10 single-use toons, grind some 130 TPs on each and delete, and repeat…Not interesting at all, very dull and boring…but this is how I feel now. Nowhere to go to, nothing to do and buying anything for real money is not an option.

Things are…grey and dull in Lotro.