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Lord of the rings online

WoneG spent her last 1 gold 400 silver coins for reputation items in Auction house and passed them to DunedanMule. Mule increased her reputation: thus, I am buying Turbine points with in-game gold. Pretty good.

NaktiesKarys spent his time in Moria, waiting for any group to form. None was noticed, except Grand Stairs (completed) that needed healer (not me). Kinship was inactive there, me being the only person in Moria. Finally, one person from other Kinship invited me.

It wasn’t Moria instance – just Evendim’s School and Library. It was kind of good one. We were just 3, one lvl.85, another 75 and I – the lowest – lvl.67. Tactic was very good, enabling me to effectively use all available AoE attacks. We swept away all opposition, including named monsters. At my request 2 more enemy archers were killed and one auto-bestowed quest was complete. I also completed several instance deeds: valuable TPs earned. Loot was good – several pieces of jewellery, almost 1 gold coin and some fused relics.

Players on Withywindle are talking about Dragon slayer rewards. Almost everyone is voting for our server’s Kinship. We do hope Lord of the rings online will get awards. It should get.

On the other hand, I was unpleasantly surprised with lack of any activity in Moria. No groups, no talking in chat – just silence. No one wanted any instance and one raid was very hardly formed. Not sure what was happening, but it is very wrong. And I do need activity: need to finish all deeds in Moria to get valuable Turbine points for yet another expansion.

Kinship is preparing for yet another event in Sunday and we are starting to regularly do Helegrod raids. At least some activity in game.

And so the day has ended.  I had 1345 Turbine points (1050 to go), finished several deeds. Life is…kind of good…with Lotro.