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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was looking for something to do. Nothing in Bree – rode to Moria, maybe there would I find anything. Nothing there. Rode to Lothlorien for daily genocide, did 6 daily quests, looted Orcish camps, slayed Orcs and defended Lothlorien along with several Elven guards.

Then – rode to Moria, 21st hall again. This time was success, we started Skumfil instance and I was very, very close to finishing oine deed: only 4 more Kergrim to slay. Fighting was good one, there was much loot and very little time: there were moments we left instance, I managed to run to vault…and instance started again. At the end I gathered many reputation items and sellable stuff.

Met one old friend from old Kinship times, a Jeweller. In these old days we used to cooperate: I sent her all Jeweller stuff (precious stones, metals) I had mined. Sometimes asked her to polish some stones for me (since Weaponsmith needs these shinies). Things were going very good this way. Today, I met her alt, we talked a bit. Alt was in a new Kinship (did she leave Dunedains of the North?) and I was more than happy to chat with her.

Our Kinship organizes 2 more events, we are starting to become active in this field. Hope I will be able to take part there (well, at least in one event).

Being unable to do anything in Moria, felt a bit unsatisfied. Logged in WoneG, tried to use my 1 gold to buy reputation items. Will take a look how it ended. Then, went to Barrows to shoot wighs and spiders. Got one combat deed completed and earned 5 Turbine points.

And so the day has ended. It was kind of…grey and dull, except that old friend. And my PC is about to be repaired, so –¬† almost no progress is expected (while I still need >1000 Tps).