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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued his journey. First, Daily Genocide in Lothlorien was completed: more orcs were slayed, their camps looted. By accident killed 3 additional orcs and named one (with 17.000 hp). Maybe I am becoming cruel killing worthless creatures out of fun?

Then, instance time. I am very happy to have kinnies that guide me everyday, ask about deeds/quests and help me as much as they could. Wish I could repay one time… But yesterday it was time for 16th Hall. Had 2 deeds and some quests – and it was great fun. We just ran through every orcish-globsnaga-bug opposition, slaughtering everything and looting. Only two times was I killed, one time – some strange one-shot kill. Once again my AoE attacks damaged all opposition and I was more than ready to use them.

Instance was finished, I retreated with bags full of reputation items, sellable stuff, crafting components and Legendary item experience runes. It was a great run…but to my dismay I found 3 more quests in same 16th Hall. And even much more in so-called Dark Delvings. There is much work to do in Moria.

DunedanMule used all Moria reputation items anr reached Ally reputation with one fraction. Now, only 2x Kindred remains – 40 Turbine points, if I am not wrong. And with such hunts it may be completed easily.

WoneG finished Quick Post deed in the Shire, earned 5 TPs and started remaining quests out of fun and money. If only I could grind for more Mathoms and gain her Kindred with the hobbitses!

And so, active day has ended. I felt very satisfied with all this action and TP flow. I had 1260 Turbine points, onlt 1235 TPs to go for another expansion and it would better that this expansion paid off…

The attack on Moria has begun. Soon, the storm will come loose through all grumpy, dark instances of it with the victorious banner of Edhel-Annon over each conquered instance. So, let the storm come loose!