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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys invented new acronyme:DG. Daily Grump in Moria / Daily Genocide in Lothlorien. Did both: first, Orc killing/sacking quests in Lothlorien, collecting Golden leaves and legendary item xp. Then, Moria.

I do feel happy because my Kinship helps me with every single instance in Moria. Yesterday we went to Grand Stairs. Killed anything in our path, especially monsters for my slayer deeds. Slaying orcs was not so hard, there are plenty of them. Warghs and Trolls were a bit harder, but still made it from second or third run. I was very satisfied with my group, full of strong players – and of my use of all AoE attacks. Hope, it helped a bit.

At the end, Grand Stairs were finished, Warg slayer deeds was finished. Went to hunt Worms – lucky, deed accelerator was still on. Had to travel to Waterworks and kill “deep salamanders”. For some reason simple salamander does not count as worms. Deed finished, received advanced one (240 to go).

DunedanMule used all reputation items that NaktiesKarys looted. Advanced a bit and will advance today. Checked my toons on Silverlode, paid for house maintenance. These toons have only harder quests left…and of course, no horses. One day, I will grow up DunedanMule so that she will do all Shire/Ered Luin deeds.

Also – Turbine removed one strange bug from my toon: had quest in tracker: it was completed, but I could not turn off. Wrote bug report and yesterday it was removed. Thanks, Turbine.

And so the day has ended. I had 1210 Turbine points (lacking some 1285) to go. Have some reserve deeds that are more grindy, but still doable. I left very satisfied: Kinship does help me with Moria, now I am helped with instance every single day. Of course, one day, when I am big tank, I will help lesser players with it. And so far, life is just excellent in Lotro.