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Lord of the rings online

While WoneG rests after long grinding weekend – NaktiesKarys continues quests/deeds in Moria. This time was lucky to participate in 2 instances. First was Grand Stairs. We managed to kill everything there, I managed to survive all instance and some of deeds are very close to completion. Side effect: tons of reputation (+30, +50) items, all shipped to DunedanMule.

And then was The 16th Hall. One player from our Kinship volunteered to go with me: he was lvl.80, I – still lvl.67. It was a hard fight. Enemies were everywhere, almost every with some >10.000 hp. I tried my best, using all AoE attacks, spamming all defenses Champion has, from Bracing attack to Dire Need (this nice one “protective shield”). Despite of this, managed to die many times: should monster start paying attention to me, I did not last for long, despite all power/health potions and defenses. How many times had I to run back – 5? 6? Cannot remember now. It was bad. Not because I was defeated and my helper stayed alive: just because when named boss was fighting my friend, I wasn’t able to help.

I reached the final boss with some equipment almost torn apart. We killed boss’ add-ons (failed daily quest this way) and proceeded with the boss. I was killed again, had to run back, collect some “Pestilence Spores” from boss body…and voila, one deed completed, 10 Turbine points gained. Other deed went very close to completion: 114/120 Globsnaga killed.

Was very satisfied with the remark of that lvl.80 player: he told I had powerfull attacks (probably he had in mind AoE ones). Yes, my Champion does invest into Might, paying little attention to other characteristics. At least some positive moment in this instance.

I had a mixed impression about the instance. For 2 players it was hard, especially one monster that used acid (poison?) attacks all the time. However, I gained valuable xp and now do understand how does this instance works. Would I return there after I finish killing Globsnaga? Possibly no.

DunedanMule had hard times in using all the reputation items, hundreds of them (especially low ones). Result – now she lack only some 5-8 thousand points to reach next level just by standing in the vault. A good investment into mule character…

And so the day has ended. I came one step closer to finishing Moria deeds, had 1120 Turbine points and left satisfied with Kinship’s help about Moria. Life is good with a friendly Kinship in Lotro.