Lord of the rings online

WoneG continued her adventures in the Shire.  Last slayer deed (Goblin slayer advanced) – finished. Then, had to take this unlucky “Restoring Quick post”, finish 5 quests – and voila, 75 quests in the Shire finished. I was awarded with 25 Turbine points and now WoneG will rest a bit. She did a good grind and deserve some…vacation.

NaktiesKarys stood in the Moria’s 21st Hall. No one was organizing any instances – so just stood anc chatted. One person from former Kinship approached, we talked a bit about ‘old good times’ and he invited me to visit Snowbourne. It is a very nice town in dangerous region, surrounded by Orcish warbands.  That player escorted me to the safe lands and there I started my harvesting of Riddermark ore. People in Kin do agree with Tsuhelm’s definition about me – “a dedicated grinder”. It is true: I have will to grind for every single Turbine point and purchase expansion pack.

Things were going very good. I gathered every single ore I could find, made as many ingots as I could. Pure Calenard ore enabled me to produce more ingots, thus speeding up things. Result: I am half way to finishing T8 Weaponsmith mastery (2 anvils).

DunedanMule served as mule again, depositing some valuable stuff and crafting. She needs to reach at least lvl.21 and then start Shire/Ered Luin deeds for more TPs.

Plans for the future are very clear: NaktiesKarys will make his way to level 68, thus making last Moria monsters grey. Then, it would be high time to revisit Moria, make some exploration deeds in Foundations of stone, some slayer deeds in Foundations of  Stone…and maybe run through barrows in search for Well preserved Mathoms: WoneG needs Kindred (and TPs for it).

And so the day was over, I had 1110 Turbine points (1385 remain to be grinded). Money was flowing (selling produced weapons was profitable enough) and I had some fun in visiting interesting places in well-looking Rohan. Things are very very good in Lotro.